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A Plantation XTR Panel is a solid, high density bamboo panel, made from compressed bamboo. Measuring 1860 x 1220mm and 40mm thick (sold out of 20 and 30mm panels), these strong panels are suitable for outdoor applications such as furniture and joinery. Tested to EN113 for dimensional stability and durability – to ensure maximum performance.  Plantation XTR Panels meet a Class One durability rating, the best possible class available.

Superior durability

A special patented heat treatment process alters the hardness, dimensional stability and durability of the bamboo panel to a level superior to the best hardwood species. The Thermo Density Heat Treatment process removes the sugar and all living organisms ensuring the panel will not rot and mould.

Research proves this process is the most effective method (and currently the only efficient solution) to ensure that bamboo is suitable for outdoor applications. Plantation is the exclusive supplier of this innovative product in New Zealand.

Unique and appealing

Plantation XTR is similar to other hardwoods in grain and structure. The characteristic bamboo nodes can however be recognised, giving the product a unique and appealing look.

Plantation XTR is a natural product which can vary in colour, grain and appearance. Colour will change over time, depending on the maintenance schedule.

The bamboo panels are a brown to dark brown colour when installed, which turns into a lighter caramel colour several weeks after installation. Without further maintenance, the colour becomes grey (similar to most other wood species) creating a very natural look.

If a dark brown colour is preferred, maintenance should be carried out with decking oil recommended by Plantation. Please enquire for further details.



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Plantation XTR Panel dimensions are 1860 x 1220mm and 40mm thick (20 and 30mm panels no longer available sorry). The XTR 40mm thick panels are strong and heavy at 111kgs each!

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