Compressed Bamboo Flooring

Cost-effective, durable, simple to install and eco-friendly flooring!

Plantation Compressed Bamboo Flooring is available in three beautiful colours.  All three compressed bamboo flooring options have a low gloss finish, that is durable, easy to keep clean and look stunning.

Tested by the independent Janka Rating – Bamboo Hardness, Plantation Compressed Bamboo is twice as hard as Jarrah and almost five times as hard as Kauri.

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Bamboo flooring colours


A light "creamy" modern colour, using the natural bamboo as a base, with a white wash applied, resulting in a lovely light, and stylish floor.


A light, natural-timber look, making this a very versatile flooring option.


A rich, golden colour; one of our best sellers.

Top Performance & Durability

Plantation Compressed Bamboo flooring is made from premium Moso solid-stock strand bamboo, harvested at maturity for peak density, creating a harder, durable and more stable product for lasting beauty and performance.  These qualities make compressed bamboo flooring perfect for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings.

A quality control check is completed after every step in the production chain, ensuring a top performing product, which we have specifically made for us – with the New Zealand climate and environment in mind.

Top quality

Plantation Compressed Bamboo Flooring is pre-finished with a durable 10-step UV-cured low-gloss German “Treffert” polyurethane coating system.  All edges of the boards are click-locking – for ease of installation, and have a wax coating applied, which helps seal the joins, making the floor more water resistant, and prevents squeaking.

Made for New Zealand climate conditions

Our Bamboo Flooring is manufactured with 10–12% moisture content to specifically suit New Zealand climate and environmental conditions. During installation, allowance for slight expansion and contraction must be made around the perimeter of the floor, as is expected with any natural flooring product (please see our Installation Guide for more details). The flooring can be installed as either “floating” (over an underlay) or glued-down.

Tested by the independent Janka Rating – Bamboo Hardness, Plantation compressed bamboo is twice as hard as Jarrah and Oak, and almost five times as hard as Kauri.


Healthy & Easy to clean

Unlike carpets and some other floor coverings, bamboo flooring is a well known hypoallergenic, so you never have to worry about dust mites, pollen and nasty allergens being trapped in your floors.

Plantation Compressed Bamboo Flooring is amazingly easy to clean. It resists stains naturally, and can be cleaned with a simple soft broom, light vacuum or damp micro-fibre mop. If anything sticky is dropped on the floor, a damp cloth is sufficient, as there is no need for special cleaning chemicals.

Explore Our Compressed Bamboo Flooring Gallery

We have so many amazing images from projects over the years, truly showcasing what our bamboo product can do.

Bamboo Flooring Videos

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Product Specifications and Instructions

Explore installation, sizing and general product info below.

Installation / Care Instructions for “Compressed” Bamboo Flooring >

Our Compressed Bamboo Flooring uses a click-locking installation system that provides a strong yet simple, floating floor installation method. The boards easily and firmly lock together, making installation simple and efficient.

The pre-finished bamboo flooring comes neatly packaged in boxes (of 6 boards = 1.52sqm per box) and is ready to install, with no unnecessary mess or fumes often associated with on-site sanding and polishing.

Plantation recommends floating our compressed bamboo flooring over a waterproof membrane such as Roberts Harmony 3 in 1 Underlay, which is a 100% barrier to any moisture that may be in the sub-floor.  The underlay also provides a thermal barrier and has strong sound reduction properties. We sell this in either 9m or 60m rolls (1.02 metres wide). We also have a new, eco-friendly underlay option called “Strongbond”, which is made from 95% recycled foam with a gold-foil backing – comes in 10m rolls. The edges of this underlay need to be taped together to provide a 100% moisture barrier – we can supply the adhesive tape in 30m rolls.

Underfloor Heating: If installing over underfloor heating, ensure the underfloor heating guidelines are followed. 

Installing near a water source? If installing the bamboo flooring within 1.5 metres of a water source (eg kitchen sink), please refer to the  information and instructions around this here.

Our compressed bamboo flooring (vanilla, natural and coffee colours) come packaged in boxes of six boards, measuring 1.52m2 per box (weighing 23.4kg).  Each board is 1850 x 137 x 14mm in size.

Stairs?  No problem – we have stair nosings to match and connect with the three colours of compressed bamboo flooring. The stair nosings are 1850mm(long) x 79mm (wide) x 19/14mm (thick) and the profile looks like this: 

The 10-layer finish on bamboo flooring should last a long time, but in 20 years or so (or when it may show wear) you can sand the bamboo flooring back to re-finish it like new again. We would suggest a professional floor sander be engaged to carry out this task.

  • Density: +/- 1050 kg/m3
  • Top layer thickness / Wear layer approx 4mm
  • Resistance to Indentation – Brinell Hardness: > 9.5kg/mm2 (EN1534)
  • Reaction to fire: Class Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)
  • Formaldehyde emission: Class E1 (<0.124 mg/m3, EN 717-1), Class E0 (< 0.025 mg/m3) *
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.26 W/mK (EN 12667)
  • Thermal resistance: 0.0549 m2K/W (EN 12667)
  • Use Class: Class 1 (EN 335)
  • CO2 neutral: LCA report TU Delft (ISO 14040/44)
  • Environmental Product Declaration – EPD (EN 15804)
  • Contribution LEED BD+C – v4: MR 1, MR 2, MR 3 (FSC®), EQ2 v2009, MR 6, MR 7(FSC®), IEQ 4.3
  • Contribution BREEAM: HEA 2, MAT 1, MAT 3 (FSC®), MAT 5 (HD)

* E0 Class is an unofficial formaldehyde emission class, but it is commonly used to indicate that the product has a very low emission, not detectable (n.d.) emission or is produced with No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) glues. E0 products automatically qualify for the official E1 Class according EN 717-1.

What our customers are saying...

A total transformation of our room, we are extremely delighted with the product. To anyone thinking of laying a floating bamboo floor we would highly recommend Plantation Bamboo

bamboo flooring in new zealand

We are very pleased with the flooring, it looks amazing! Everyone who has seen it have been impressed as well. Really changed the look and feel of the rooms. We were a bit sceptical about how well it would hold up with our dog. He is rather big and often hyper!! But no matter how much he skids around he still hasn’t scratched the surface! Amazing really. All in all we are very pleased with the product and would recommend this to anyone!”

bamboo flooring is suitable for dogs and pets
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