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Strong, versatile & sustainable

Plantation Bamboo construction panels are an attractive and stunning alternative to hardwood and plywood products. The success of the product lies in the fantastic strength, sustainability, great looks and amazing versatility of this natural timber alternative.

We offer a range of bamboo panels with comprehensive warranties, technical and installation support, manufacturing and product testing information.

For pricing, free quotes and further information, please contact us or request a FREE sample. 

Hard and durable - many options too!

Our bamboo panels come in 2440x1220mm size (in up to 7 thickness options) and can be used to make a wide range of internal joinery items.  The high quality ply structure is an incredibly strong and versatile product that cuts and finishes well for a beautiful, natural look.

Use bamboo panels anywhere

Bamboo panels are ideal for any wooden application, from wall coverings and ceilings, bench tops and kitchen joinery to shelving, furniture, staircases (including treads, risers, stringers and handrails) to doors, shelving and more – whether in the residential or commercial environment. The use of these panels is only limited by your imagination!

The panels are manufactured using advanced European Homag technology, and are cross-laminated to ensure long-lasting stability and durability. Panels are made from 100 percent rapidly renewable bamboo.

Every panel uses continuous bamboo; there are no breaks or seams across the surface of the panel. The edge offers a beautiful grain pattern that does not need to be edge-banded. The unique edge grain is a signature look of a Plantation bamboo panel.

Solid Vertical Coffee (19mm)

solid coffee bamboo panel sample

Vertical Natural

Vertical natural bamboo panel sample

Vertical coffee panel

vertical coffee bamboo panel

Compressed Natural

Compressed natural bamboo panel

Compressed Coffee

Compressed coffee panel samplle

Vertical bamboo panel – the outside surface of the bamboo panel is manufactured using vertical strips of bamboo laminated together, giving more of a striped, uniform look. The grain runs along the longest length of the panel.

Compressed bamboo panel – the outside surface of the bamboo panel is made of compressed bamboo fibers, giving a more natural, wood grain look (similar to compressed bamboo flooring).  The grain runs along the longest length of the panel. A compressed panel is harder, more dense and heavier than a similar sized vertical panel.

Product Specifications and Instructions

Explore installation, sizing and general product info below.

Vertical bamboo panel dimensions are 2440 x 1220 mm – thicknesses of 7mm, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm; plus a 19mm vertical solid bamboo panel (non-ply structure). 

Compressed bamboo panel dimensions are 2440 x 1220mm – thicknesses of 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm (coffee only) & 40mm

The bamboo panels are supplied unfinished, allowing you to choose from a wide range of finishing options, whether it be oil, clear lacquer, polyurethane or stain.  We recommend the bamboo panels are well sealed on all sides to protect them from water penetration, etc.

Bamboo panels are easy to work with as they cut and finish to a high quality standard – and  come in two colours, “natural” and “coffee” (where the bamboo has been cooked a little longer, caramalising the sugars, resulting in the slightly darker colour).

Add some natural beauty to your new kitchen with bamboo!

Plantation bamboo panels can look amazing as bench-tops and cabinetry in kitchens – or even as vanity units in bathrooms.  The “natural” or “coffee” coloured panels can be finished in a wide range of colours and coatings to your specification.

We suggest working with your local joiner or builder to make your bench-top to your specific size and design needs.  Plantation bamboo panel dimensions and types are outlined above.

Please enquire for further details and pricing.


Combine the natural warmth of bamboo with the decorative properties of perforations.

Plantation bamboo interior panels can be made into stunning decorative feature panels that will enhance your project with uniqueness, character and warmth. As bamboo panels are a natural product, the warmth and individuality of each panel creates a stunning look.

Bamboo panels can be laser cut and perforated easily and smoothly to create an enormous range of decorative panel design options. Designs could include company logos or almost any pattern or feature to create a unique-looking finish. Bamboo is an excellent substrate, environmentally friendly choice, with strength and durability giving a fabulous looking decorative panel.

Decorative panels can be made from any of the Plantation bamboo range of panels.

Finish with clear lacquer to enhance the natural, unique look of bamboo or alternatively stain to match your design scheme. Ideal for both residential and commercial environments.

Plantation will work closely with you to achieve the design, look and finish you are wanting for your specific environment. Our team can put you in touch with expert partners who can create the specific look you are after, manufacturing high quality decorative bamboo panels to suit your design needs.

Please enquire for further details.

 Plantation_bamboo_panels_vertical_natural_joinery_New Zealand_NZ_interior_design_benchtop_kitchen_building_eco-friendly_sustainable_cabinetry

Create a unique statement.

Plantation ply panels can be used and made into a wide variety of ceiling panels. The bamboo panels can also be laser cut with decorative designs to create a unique and natural look. The bamboo panels come in 2440x1220mm size and a range of thicknesses, as detailed above.

Our Dutch supplier, MOSO Bamboo made innovative bamboo panels, as seen in Madrid’s Barajas International Airport terminal. These bamboo ceiling panels consist of five layers of vertical bamboo veneer and two layers of fiberglass, which have been pressed together to form a multi-ply plank. The individual veneer layers are pressed cross-wise to ensure stability and flexibility of the panel. The panels measure 2000 x 100 x 5mm and are available in Natural or Coffee colour. They are pre-finished with oil. Because of the flexibility of the veneer and fiberglass, the panels can be curved, creating a distinctive and inspiring ceiling, like no other.

To install, the panels must be screwed onto a frame. Please enquire direct to Plantation for more information on the available fixings.

The panel is impregnated with a fire retardant to meet very strict fire norms in Europe and the USA.

To create a unique look for your next project, inquire now about this very exciting product. Available in New Zealand only through Plantation. *On indent only (not a standard stock item) – minimum order quantities apply. Please allow for a 10-14 week lead time.


Combine the natural warmth of bamboo with the acoustic and decorative properties of perforations.

Plantation bamboo panels can quite easily be made into top performing acoustic panels, adding value to any area that requires a high level of acoustic performance. With the appropriate acoustic blanketing applied, bamboo acoustic panels have the ability to absorb noise, without compromising aesthetics.

Bamboo is a natural product and the warmth and individuality of each panel creates a stunning look. It is an excellent substrate, with good natural acoustic properties, resulting in increased noise reduction. Plantation recommends a product such as Autex AAB 35-50 felt being bonded to the back of the bamboo panels to create high performing acoustic properties. The bamboo panel perforates and can be laser cut easily and smoothly to create a wide range of excellent designs to suit your taste. Finish with clear lacquer to enhance the natural, unique look of the bamboo or alternatively stain to incorporate the Acoustic Panels into your design scheme.

Pre-finished panels avoid the need for additional on-site trades after installation, saving on-site time and cost. Plantation will work closely with you to achieve the design, look and finish you are wanting for your specific environment. Our team can put you in touch with partners who can create the specific look you are after, creating high quality acoustic panels from the Plantation range of interior panel products.

Custom sizes, cut-outs for utilities, and negative edge details can also be arranged. Bamboo ceiling tiles can also be manufactured in either flat or perforated finish, with many laser-cut design options available.

Please enquire for further details.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly choice and is ideal for residential and commercial use.

What our customers are saying...

I Just took delivery of the bench-tops and just wanted to let you know that the samples do no justice to the full panel – they are amazing!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help and guidance.

bamboo kitchen nz

Thanks team!! The panels were beautiful to work with. It’s nice to construct with a product that is so consistently true and straight.

bamboo bathroom vanity

Explore Our Bamboo Panels Gallery

We have so many amazing images from projects over the years, truly showcasing what our bamboo product can do.

What our customers are saying...

Based on 140 reviews
These guys were amazing, it was a last minute decision to use their product and they worked hard with us to ensure we got the product and talked through the installation with our builder. It has created a fantastic finish to our newly installed heated pool in our holiday park.
We have just had coffee bamboo laid in our entrance hall, kitchen and living room. It replaced tiles (20 years old) from our entrance hall and kitchen and 20 year old carpet from our living room.Very pleased with the result, the communication and advise from Steve. Would recommend Bamboo Plantation.
It’s not the first time that I approached Plantation Bamboo for projects I designed. This month once again I find an excellent team that is ready to provide high quality products and provide solutions in real time and always quick to respond and help. Specifically I would like to mention Eveliene Grbich, Area Sales Manager, that went above and beyond to provide a wonderful experience. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
We have just completed our deck using Plantation Bamboo and cannot speak high enough about the Extreme decking. It was easy for our contractor to lay and looks amazing. Dealing with Steve and the plantation team has been simple and they have been there to answer any questions. Thanks Steve and we look forward to enjoying our new deck for many years to come.
Thanks to the Plantation Bamboo team for an amazing hassle free experience.Especially Ingrid, our South Island manager who promptly answered our questions, sorted our dimensions and made the whole exercise easy.Highly recommended product that looks fabulous on our 52sq m deck so easy to install. Love it!!
As a non-builder, the prospect of replacing our deck covering was a little daunting. After looking at a range of options, I opted for Bamboo X-treme decking and I doubt that I could have made a better choice. Josh at Plantation Bamboo was great to deal with being both helpful and responsive. The product was easy to work with and I completed the job reasonably quickly with my wife and son taking turns to help out. The completed deck looks and feels as good as I could have imagined.
Awesome product and great customer service. Wears extremely well in Southland conditions and weathers with a nice look. Easy to clean when marked.
One of our clients wanted to use Planation Bamboo as a sustainable choice for her pool deck. We had not used this product before and we were blown away by the quality and ease of installation. Not only that, but Ingrid and her team were easy to communicate with and super helpful. I also appreciated having the install videos and specifications on the website so they were easy to access. Would definitely recommend this product to other clients and use myself!
Awesome product according to the installer. Really well tooled. So happy with the result 😊Also have decking product being installed. Looks amazing.
Enjoying our newly laid bamboo flooring - eco-friendly & easy to install! Makes the space look modern, easy lifestyle and bigger. Our builder's laid flooring in the open plan living area and into the bedrooms, seamlessly. Always received professional and responsive customer service by email or phone. The samples we were sent helped to decide suitability & colour before placing an order.
Our Plantation Bamboo X-treme deck looks amazing, even better than the photos on the website. We have had so many great comments that I am sure we will have friends and family using the same decking. Our builder loved the product so much I think this will become his 'go to' recommendation. Steve and Kim provided such wonderful and friendly service, they even arranged rural delivery for us. I absolutely recommend Plantation Bamboo.
Short and sweet, this is a fantastic product. It's a high quality, durable, eco friendly product which is easy and fun to install. This was such a motivating and exciting project and the overall outcome was absolutely priceless. I would totally recommend this product to whoever is wanting a long lasting, high-quality, easy to install and looking to add a ton of value to your property. Steve and the team have been amazing to deal with and I'm looking forward to completing many more projects in future.
Great product.
With so many flooring choices we are absolutely delighted we choient for Vanilla Bamboo.We laid it throughout the house and have no regrets.Steve helped us through the sales process and any answered all the questions we had.Our builder who laid the floor was impressed with the quality which made laying simple.
Love the bamboo decking from Plantation Bamboo. Used it for the fence as well. Looks stunning. Really appreciated the help from Ingrid and Steve. It's still a work in progress!
Plantation Bamboo turned out to be the perfect flooring product for us. Solid, good looking and easy to install. They are a great company to deal with, excellent communication and very keen to help.
Product is exactly as advertised, goes down easily and looks great once completed. Highly recommend Plantation Bamboo.
We had a great experience with Plantation Bamboo. Steve Roughan was very helpful, from organising the material, getting it delivered and even suggesting installers who we used (West Construction). Due to the design and style of Plantation Bamboo, installation only took a day and it looks great!! Quick and easy through the whole process. Thanks heaps, really impressed.
Loving our new kitchen and living space new bamboo look. We decided to go all bamboo and really happy with the outcome. Great service from the initial conversations to follow ups and advice post install. Looks great and getting lots of positive comments from whanau and friends. Cheers to Steve and team.
Absolutely wonderful company and team! Their bamboo floors are stunning and durable and the customer service team is wonderful. Highly recommend them and their floors!
Having done several large decks in the past I was interested in how Plantation Bamboo products stack up against the, now, very expensive Kwila.In my experience it beats it hands down, effortlessly. Its beautifully straight, a major consideration as any zigzag in a board has to be cut out. It is a set length resulting in less cuts and less waste. It clips down invisibly, no predrilling, countersinking and space and alignment hassles. All this adds up to a beautiful product that is fast, easy and very economical. Do the figures on materials and labour and unless you cannot add you will go to Plantation Bamboo.And the finish is just stunning.The floating floor between our two decks is Plantation Bamboo, Natural colour.Again, a great quality product. Apply the technique prescribed for the product and it is fast and clean with a very high quality finish. Ours was laid over the "entry level" vinyl on concrete floor.Even visitors noticed how much softer and warmer it made the floor. For myself and my wife, no more frozen, aching feet and legs.I've got to add....this is about Plantation Bamboo. I wouldn't suggest the same results are achieved with other brands.A great product and great service. We are currently selling this property and will definitely be giving our next property the same treatment.
Genuinely couldn't recommend the product more to be perfectly honest. It's superfluous!
Great service
Our project had a Wish List which included that the deck had to be hard and durable; little or no nail/screw heads to destroy furniture; be able to take dark oil/stain and most of all look good past the week it was installed. Plantation Xtreme Bamboo decking ticked all those boxes plus some. The result exceeded expectations; it is a dense product with colour all the way through; comes with all the stainless fixings which are not seen and is very easy to install once you put the time into accurate sub structure measurements. Plantation were excellent to deal with, communication regarding delivery timeframe amazing and follow up exceptional. These people stand by their product and we would definitely use Plantation Bamboo again.
I've just laid 13 packs of bamboo flooring, coffee coloured.I must say the flooring looks terrific, easy to lay, fits together tightly and securely and the boards are great to work with, and lovely to walk on too.I'll use them again for sure.
Josh from Plantation Bamboo was very helpful with knowledge of the product. Once ordered, the delivery was within days.The instructions were very clear and josh was there if needed. I constructed the timber work and ground work as per plan and everything went smoothly.The decking planks were cut to shape and length using a chop saw and everything looks great.As pictures below.
Steve Roughan has provided some really beautiful material in the bamboo panels. They have an excellent appearance and are easy to work with using standard power tools. I can cut accurately and without tear away provided I use a suitable saw blade. These are not the cheapest panels, but are far and away the best quality material I have worked with. Also the on line interaction and communication has been exceptional.
"A very nice product. Easy to lay and looks great. We particularly like the decking with no screws showing and nice clean line finish. The interior flooring is lovely to walk on after having had a concrete floor. Much warmer and no aching feet and legs.A happy customer. Thank you"
“Lads VERY happy with the product, ‘will never do a deck any other way now’! That’s coming from both a builder and a boat builder! Cannot believe there is NO waste either. Exceptional product!”
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