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bamboo x-treme cladding

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Bamboo X-treme “Decorative” Cladding

Plantation bamboo cladding is an extremely strong, solid, high-density exterior bamboo plank made from compressed strand-woven bamboo – profiled into an overlapping cladding board. 

A special, patented “thermo-density” heat treatment manufacturing process provides bamboo X-treme cladding with the highest durability class possible, making it well-suited for the harsh New Zealand sun and environment.

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Superior quality and unmatched durability

Bamboo X-treme “decorative” cladding is exceptionally hard, dense and stable, and has been tested for durability (class 1 of EN350 standard – the best possible class available), ensuring maximum performance.

Like our Bamboo X-treme decking product, the stability of the cladding allows for the tongue-in-groove end-matching of the boards, giving a high-quality snug join and finish

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Modern and Natural Bamboo Cladding for Exterior

New to the New Zealand market, Bamboo X-treme “decorative” cladding is a durable and sustainable alternative to timber hardwoods and other cladding options, and is successfully used in Europe and around the world. Our supplier utilises a 200°C heat-treatment process to thermally modify the bamboo to increase the stability, hardness and density of the cladding boards, making the cladding suitable for very demanding applications. 

Bamboo X-treme “decorative” cladding will rival other hardwoods in grain and structure, with the characteristic bamboo fibres being more visible as the product weathers, giving a lovely natural and unique look.

With the strong stability of this product, it can withstand temperature changes with hardly any shrinking or swelling. Due to this stability, the cladding will stay flat and in place, unlike some other natural materials. 

It is suggested that bamboo cladding is fixed to battens (with the clips/screws provided), over a waterproof membrane, so that the building is watertight and the cladding is more of a decorative or “rain shield” final application.

The cladding can also be used for making a fence, feature wall and more!

Easy installation and maintenance

Bamboo X-treme cladding comes with powder-coated stainless-steel clip and screw fixings, which makes installation easier and provides a smarter finished look. 

The clips are simply screwed onto battens and the cladding boards clip together with the boards only requiring to be cut at the end of a row (as the ends snugly fit together). See our installation instructions for more information.

bamboo cladding

After installation, the cladding does not require any regular maintenance (unless a darker colour is desired), which can save on time and cost. Due to the “thermo-density” heat treatment process, the cladding is a mid-dark brown colour, but this will gradually change to a silver-grey colour over time as it naturally weathers.

Unlike our bamboo X-treme decking product (which has been pre-oiled as part of the manufacturing process) the cladding boards come unfinished but can be oiled if preferred, depending on the look and feel that is desired.

Bamboo Cladding

Fire Safety

Contrary to many other wood products, bamboo X-treme cladding reaches a fire safety class B-S1-d0 (EN 13501-1) and Class A (ASTM E84). This makes it suitable for commercial buildings, apartments and housing while giving a beautiful natural appearance.

The cladding reaches this exceptional fire safety rating without impregnation of eco-damaging and expensive fire retardants.  Therefore, the cladding is safe for the environment and for the installers.  Sustainable, safe and beautiful!!

Fire Safety

Sustainable Choice

While tropical hardwoods can take up to 80 years to grow to full maturity and be ready for harvesting – Moso bamboo stems (which is what bamboo X-treme cladding is made from) are mature after 4-5 years.

After harvesting the bamboo stem doesn’t die and no deforestation occurs – the rhizomes sprout new shoots even faster. There, the bamboo forest can be harvested annually and sustainably in a fair-trade manner for the farmers, by default.

All our solid bamboo products have a negative carbon footprint over their complete lifecycle (see here for more details – link to Sustainable Choice)

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