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Modern kitchen with durable bamboo flooring

Eco-friendly & stylish flooring

Plantation’s newest addition to the range is Bamboo Elite flooring – a beautiful, natural flooring option made from three layers of bamboo strips in a strong, stable cross ply structure. The top layer is made from “vertical” strips of bamboo laminated together to give a gorgeous, natural bamboo look in “natural and coffee” colour tones.

Bamboo Elite makes for an eco-friendly and stylish timber flooring or laminate flooring alternative – with all the other great benefits that bamboo provides. Why choose bamboo? Click here to find out more. 

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Now available in two beautiful colours

Plantation Bamboo Natural Flooring Sample


A light, natural-timber look, making this a very versatile flooring option.

Plantation Bamboo Coffee Flooring Sample


A rich, golden colour; one of our best sellers.

Bamboo Elite makes for an eco-friendly and stylish timber flooring or laminate flooring alternative - with all the other great benefits that bamboo provides.

What makes it Elite

A wax coating is applied to the edges of the boards during manufacture, so that when the locking system is engaged, the tight join helps prevent water penetration in the event of minor spills.

Bamboo Elite can be installed as a “floating” floor (over an underlay) or as a “direct fix” glue-down floor. It comes in a low gloss finish with Treffert, (a German water-based polyurethane) applied – making it look very stylish and easy to keep clean.

Like the compressed bamboo flooring range, Bamboo Elite can also be sanded back in the future (ie. in 10-20 years or so, depending on wear) to be re-finished like new again.

Product Specifications and Instructions

Explore installation, sizing and general product info below.

Installation / Care Instructions for “Floating” Bamboo Flooring >

Bamboo Elite flooring uses a click-locking installation system that provides a strong yet simple, floating floor installation method (which can be glued/direct fixed also). The boards easily and firmly lock together on all four edges, making installation simple and efficient.

The pre-finished bamboo flooring comes out of the box ready to install, with no unnecessary mess or fumes often associated with on-site finishing, sanding or polishing.

Plantation recommends floating our Bamboo Elite flooring over a waterproof membrane such as Roberts Harmony 3 in 1 Underlay, which is a 100% barrier to any moisture that may be in the sub-floor.  The underlay also provides a thermal barrier and has strong sound reduction properties.  We sell this in either 9m or 60m rolls (1.02 metres wide).  We can also offer an eco-friendly underlay called “Strongbond” which is made from 95% recycled foam on a gold-foiled backing and comes in 10m rolls. The edges of this underlay need to be taped together to provide a 100% moisture barrier – we can provide the adhesive tape in 30m rolls.

Longer and wider bamboo boards (1960 x 159 x 15mm) – comes packaged in boxes of 8 boards, measuring 2.493sqm per box (weighing 24kgs).  Made from vertical strips of bamboo laminated together across three layers, optimising stability – while providing a natural, durable and stylish floor. Available in coffee and natural colour with a low gloss finish. Stock available now!

  • Density (Toplayer): +/- 700 kg/m3
  • Top layer thickness / Wear layer: approx. 5 mm
  • Shrink/Swell bamboo: 0.14% per 1% change in Moisture Content
  • Equilibrium MC: 10% at 20°C and 65% rel. Air Humidity; 8% at 20°C and 50% rel. Air Humidity
  • Resistance to Indentation – Brinell Hardness: ≥ 4 kg/mm2 (EN 1534)
  • Reaction to fire: Class Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)
  • Formaldehyde emission: Class E0 (< 0.025 mg/m3) 2) Class E1 (< 0.124 mg/m3, EN 717-1)
  • Slip resistance 1): USRV 22 (CEN/TS 15676) / R 10 (DIN 51130)
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.17 W/mK (EN 12667)
  • Thermal resistance: 0.0882 m2K/W (EN 12667)
  • Use Class: Class 1 (EN 335)
  • CO2 neutral: LCA report TU Delft (ISO 14040/44) (
  • Environmental Product Declaration – EPD (EN 15804) (
  • Contribution LEED BD+C – v4: MR 1, MR 2, MR 3 (FSC®), EQ2 v2009: MR 6, MR 7 (FSC®), IEQ 4.3
  • Contribution BREEAM: HEA 2, MAT 1, MAT 3 (FSC®)

E0 Class is an unofficial formaldehyde emission class, but it is commonly used to indicate that the product has a very low emission, not detectable (n.d.) emission or is produced with No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) glues. E0 products automatically qualify for the official E1 Class according EN 717-1

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What our customers are saying...

Based on 129 reviews
Great product.
Marg Le Grys
With so many flooring choices we are absolutely delighted we choient for Vanilla Bamboo.We laid it throughout the house and have no regrets.Steve helped us through the sales process and any answered all the questions we had.Our builder who laid the floor was impressed with the quality which made laying simple.
Elsbeth Bloem
Love the bamboo decking from Plantation Bamboo. Used it for the fence as well. Looks stunning. Really appreciated the help from Ingrid and Steve. It's still a work in progress!
Sue Graham
Plantation Bamboo turned out to be the perfect flooring product for us. Solid, good looking and easy to install. They are a great company to deal with, excellent communication and very keen to help.
Mike Rose
Product is exactly as advertised, goes down easily and looks great once completed. Highly recommend Plantation Bamboo.
Jeremy Smith
We had a great experience with Plantation Bamboo. Steve Roughan was very helpful, from organising the material, getting it delivered and even suggesting installers who we used (West Construction). Due to the design and style of Plantation Bamboo, installation only took a day and it looks great!! Quick and easy through the whole process. Thanks heaps, really impressed.
Cam Shaw
Loving our new kitchen and living space new bamboo look. We decided to go all bamboo and really happy with the outcome. Great service from the initial conversations to follow ups and advice post install. Looks great and getting lots of positive comments from whanau and friends. Cheers to Steve and team.
Wiremu Wineera
Absolutely wonderful company and team! Their bamboo floors are stunning and durable and the customer service team is wonderful. Highly recommend them and their floors!
Having done several large decks in the past I was interested in how Plantation Bamboo products stack up against the, now, very expensive Kwila.In my experience it beats it hands down, effortlessly. Its beautifully straight, a major consideration as any zigzag in a board has to be cut out. It is a set length resulting in less cuts and less waste. It clips down invisibly, no predrilling, countersinking and space and alignment hassles. All this adds up to a beautiful product that is fast, easy and very economical. Do the figures on materials and labour and unless you cannot add you will go to Plantation Bamboo.And the finish is just stunning.The floating floor between our two decks is Plantation Bamboo, Natural colour.Again, a great quality product. Apply the technique prescribed for the product and it is fast and clean with a very high quality finish. Ours was laid over the "entry level" vinyl on concrete floor.Even visitors noticed how much softer and warmer it made the floor. For myself and my wife, no more frozen, aching feet and legs.I've got to add....this is about Plantation Bamboo. I wouldn't suggest the same results are achieved with other brands.A great product and great service. We are currently selling this property and will definitely be giving our next property the same treatment.
robin thomas
Genuinely couldn't recommend the product more to be perfectly honest. It's superfluous!
Great service
Rod Walker
Our project had a Wish List which included that the deck had to be hard and durable; little or no nail/screw heads to destroy furniture; be able to take dark oil/stain and most of all look good past the week it was installed. Plantation Xtreme Bamboo decking ticked all those boxes plus some. The result exceeded expectations; it is a dense product with colour all the way through; comes with all the stainless fixings which are not seen and is very easy to install once you put the time into accurate sub structure measurements. Plantation were excellent to deal with, communication regarding delivery timeframe amazing and follow up exceptional. These people stand by their product and we would definitely use Plantation Bamboo again.
I've just laid 13 packs of bamboo flooring, coffee coloured.I must say the flooring looks terrific, easy to lay, fits together tightly and securely and the boards are great to work with, and lovely to walk on too.I'll use them again for sure.
Ian Stewart
Josh from Plantation Bamboo was very helpful with knowledge of the product. Once ordered, the delivery was within days.The instructions were very clear and josh was there if needed. I constructed the timber work and ground work as per plan and everything went smoothly.The decking planks were cut to shape and length using a chop saw and everything looks great.As pictures below.
Steve Roughan has provided some really beautiful material in the bamboo panels. They have an excellent appearance and are easy to work with using standard power tools. I can cut accurately and without tear away provided I use a suitable saw blade. These are not the cheapest panels, but are far and away the best quality material I have worked with. Also the on line interaction and communication has been exceptional.
Jonathan Morton
"A very nice product. Easy to lay and looks great. We particularly like the decking with no screws showing and nice clean line finish. The interior flooring is lovely to walk on after having had a concrete floor. Much warmer and no aching feet and legs.A happy customer. Thank you"
Dianne Thomas
Alumine Andrew
“Lads VERY happy with the product, ‘will never do a deck any other way now’! That’s coming from both a builder and a boat builder! Cannot believe there is NO waste either. Exceptional product!”
Rochelle Kerr
Stoked with the amazing service from Ingrid and the quality of Plantation Bamboo. We receive so many compliments on our deck and would absolutely recommend to anyone considering using the Plantation Bamboo products.
Hayley Wilson
We are really pleased that we decided on using Plantation Bamboo as our decking choice for outside our sauna. Instructions for the base construction were easy to follow, and with the decking lengths being a standard size it was easy to assemble. Looks great, we will be using it again for sure.
Hamish Taylor
Very helpful team at Plantation Bamboo and I’m pleased with the Bamboo X-treme decking. Product gives a nice, tidy finish and I’m happy to let it naturally silver off and not have to ever stain it.
Rick Grantham
We chose bamboo flooring because we wanted real wood on our floors, not a thin imitation, and we wanted the most sustainable option we could find. Our research made it clear that Plantation Bamboo met our requirements and we haven't been disappointed, either in the product or in the careful, personal service we have received from Josh.
Robin List
Love this decking product. Looks great and so easy to care for. Steve has been great to deal with, helping us with deciding how much we needed and providing us with various care and staining options. Steve's communications were always quick and helpful. Very highly recommend this product and Steve as the supplier.
Fantastic company to deal with & Josh went above and beyond to make our experience a positive one. I highly recommend the product & the company to deal with.
Bret Burrows
Tina Firkin
Beautiful bamboo wood benchtops installation was a breeze for my builder, and you choose how dark or light the stain is, a very economical alternative. Under a thousand for all of my u shaped benchtops, I highly recommend the plantation bamboo. Am definitely saving up to have bamboo floors installed as well.
Ramari Kereama
Super helpful and friendly service, easy ordering. The bamboo flooring is great! High quality and easy to install, and seems to be super durable so far.
Grant Bowyer
We were after sustainably sourced bamboo panels for use in our office and Eveliene at Plantation Bamboo sorted us out! Great service, with good advice on what product would suit our purposes. Very nice panels!
Great quick response from the team at plantation bamboo.Good communication during ordering and and receiving product.Great product to work with and very system quick clip system making deck building quick.Had some positive feedback from builder friends on the quality of the product and the look of it after its been laid.I will be using this product again.Thanks Plantation Bamboo 👍
Brent Goodsir
Steve addressed all communication punctually and was willing to assist with confirming the square meterage I required using my draft measurements. The amount of bamboo used worked brilliantly. The delivery of both pallets and accessories was as outlined so my builder could start on time. My builder also commented on how impressed he was with the installation system. All round the deck looks great. I love it.
Deb Dickinson
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