Plantation Bamboo N-Durance Decking

Modern & Stylish

N-Durance Decking

When looking for the most beautiful decking boards to fit into a modern outdoor space or stylish garden, then Bamboo N-durance is a great hardwood or composite decking alternative.

The brown caramel colour suits every design and creates a warm ambience. The flat or grooved side of the boards are suitable for various applications and, above all, ensure a deck has a luxurious appearance

Why N-Durance?

At Plantation Bamboo, we introduced Bamboo N-Durance decking as an alternative to the well-proven Bamboo X-Treme decking option to meet the demand for a lighter coloured decking – after the successful performance of this decking around the world over the last four years.

While both bamboo decking options are made from Moso bamboo (the giant bamboo species) and share similar strength and durability, Bamboo N-Durance has a lighter caramel colour and requires annual oil maintenance for protection against fungi.

In contrast, Bamboo X-Treme decking undergoes thermal heat treatment for fungal protection and is considerably darker.

Bamboo N-Durance decking’s slightly increased density and its lighter, caramel colour cater to specific customer preferences, offering a great option alongside the well-established Bamboo X-Treme decking.

Fastest growing hardwood alternative

Bamboo N-Durance decking offers an eco-friendly, durable alternative to scarce tropical hardwoods.

Our Dutch supplier, MOSO® transforms the rapidly renewable resource bamboo into beautiful, natural outdoor decking with a warm caramel colour. Bamboo N-durance® is made from the fast-growing Moso bamboo, which shoots new stems every year.

Harvesting around 20% of the bamboo poles yearly does not result in deforestation as the Moso bamboo root system, with its rhizomes, allow it to continue growing.

Using a patented process, our supplier enhances its hardness, stability, fire safety, and durability beyond top tropical hardwoods.

This unique method effectively makes bamboo suitable for outdoor use, eliminating rot and mould risks.

Exclusive to Plantation in New Zealand, Bamboo N-Durance decking features a hardwood-like grain with distinctive bamboo nodes, combining functionality with a unique aesthetic.

Install decking quickly & economically

Due to the special symmetrical shape of the grooved length sides of the boards, Bamboo N-Durance® decking offers the possibility to choose between the grooved or the flat surface of the boards.

Powder-coated stainless steel clips and screws are provided, enabling fast and efficient installation.

The stability of the decking allows for tongue-in-groove end-matching of the decking boards, giving a high quality, snug finish, which is not possible with less stable decking products..

Additionally, the fixed length boards ensure very easy transport, handling, and fast installation.

Builders say that they can install this decking around twice as quick as most timber decking options.


Superior quality and unmatched durability

Bamboo N-Durance decking is exceptionally hard, dense and stable, and has been tested for durability (class 1 of EN350 standard – the best possible class available), ensuring maximum performance.

A unique Outdoor Density® process, combining special crushing, steam pressure treatment and compression, provides Bamboo N-Durance with incredible durability. This process significantly increases the density of the material – making the bamboo boards very hard and strong.

As a last step, Bamboo N-Durance decking boards are treated and finished with decking oil that prevents fast weathering and limits surface fungi development.

*) Class 1 according to EN 350 / CEN/TS 15083-2, simulated graveyard test / Class 1 according to EN 350 / EN 113-2 (CEN/TS 15083-1), Class 4 for EN 335 and strong fungi resistance according to EN 846


Simple Maintenance

Bamboo N-Durance decking is a lighter caramel colour and hasn’t been thermally treated. 

The caramel colour tends to stay in the decking longer than with Bamboo X-treme decking, but it does require annual maintenance, with cleaning and re-oiling, to ensure the decking remains protected against fungi (whereas the thermal treatment of X-treme decking protects against this).

Cleaning and re-oiling the decking is quite a simple task.

Explore Our N-Durance Decking Gallery

We have so many amazing images from projects over the years, truly showcasing what our bamboo product can do.

More reasons
to choose N-Durance

Bamboo N-Durance decking is a symbol of eco-conscious living, offering unmatched advantages over traditional hardwoods.

Bamboo grows rapidly, reaching maturity in just four to five years – a stark contrast to traditional hardwoods that take decades. By choosing bamboo, you’re embracing a solution that nurtures our planet. 

Bamboo N-durance® Decking is very stable, as a result of the unique Outdoor-Density® process. The boards are more stable than any tropical hardwood and, therefore, can be produced with an end-match join system. The installation can be done without gaps between the ends of the boards, which is unique for (hardwood) decking. 


Bamboo N-durance® is a natural product that can vary in colour, grain and appearance. The warm caramel colour and texture will change over time, depending on the maintenance schedule. The decking will turn a lighter caramel in the months after installation and without further maintenance, the colour will turn grey as a result of UV radiation (similar to most other wood species) and the boards become slightly rougher. Annual cleaning and maintenance with an outdoor anti-fungal finish, such as a coloured Woca Exterior Wood Oil ensures that the decking will stay beautiful for years.

Thanks to the experience obtained with the highly popular, darker Bamboo X-treme® Decking and, based on the results of the Durability and Use Class classifications of Bamboo N-durance®, Plantation Bamboo offers a 25 year warranty on Bamboo N-Durance Decking. 

Warranty Bamboo N-Durance Decking

Product Specifications and Instructions

Explore installation, sizing and general product info below.

Please see our detailed Installation & Care Instructions or video here.

The symmetrical shape of the outside surface offers the choice between either a ribbed or a flat surface (either side can be used). With correct joist set-up, Bamboo N-Durance decking can be quickly installed using the powder-coated stainless steel clip and screw fixings supplied (for “invisible” fixing – no unsightly nails or screws visible). This system saves up to 50% in time and cost of labour to install the decking boards.

Below is a photo of the main clip provided with the decking (plus 25mm stainless steel screw).  On the far right is the NEW edge/starter clip (also powder-coated stainless steel).  The edge/starter clips are sold separately in bags of 25 clips/screws – for $8.00+GST per bag.


Installation Summary

  • Install a suitable, fixed, stable and durable sub frame
  • Determine which side of the board will be used: the grooved or flat side
  • Fix the boards on the joists/sub frame with the stainless steel clip and screw fasteners provided (to be inserted in the edge grooves of the board) – with joist spacing of 462.5mm, to ensure the boards end-match over a joist
  • It is suggested to allow a 1-2% slope (for water run-off) and ensure good ventilation of the decking
  • After installation: make sure proper cleaning and maintenance is done
  • When an outdoor finish is not regularly applied the typical bamboo wood grain structure will become more visible
  • Bamboo N-durance® is pre-oiled with Woca Exterior Wood Oil (Teak colour). In order to maintain the rich caramel colour it is recommended to reapply Woca Exterior Wood Oil 3 to 4 months after installation, or as needed
  • Yearly maintenance with Woca Exterior Wood Oil (or similar) is required to maintain the anti-surface fungi resistance and the luxurious appearance
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, and protected from weather influences, dirt and dust
  • For further info: please see the installation/maintenance instructions.
  • Like any untreated hardwood species when exposed to outdoor conditions, Bamboo N-Durance decking will slowly turn grey over time, if left un-oiled, creating a very natural look.
  • Surface weathering, due to climate conditions, will be more noticeable on the flat side of the decking, compared to the ribbed side.  However, Bamboo N-Durance decking will not warp, crack or shrink/expand to the extent that most other decking products tend to.

The decking boards are all 1850×137 x 20mm (140mm wide with the gaps that the clips provide) and are tongue-in-groove end matched for easy and attractive installation. Bamboo N-Durance decking is sold in boxes of 5 boards, measuring 1.267sqm per box (weighing 31kg), and comes with powder-coated stainless-steel clips and screw fixings.

  • Density: +/- 1,200 kg/m3
  • Resistance to Indentation – Brinell Hardness: ≥ 9.5 kg/mm2 (EN1534)
  • Reaction to fire: Class Bfl-s1(EN13501-1)
  • Flame Spread Index: Class A (ASTM E84)
  • Slip resistance: R 10 (CEN/TS 16165 Annex B – DIN 51130)
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 12090 N/mm2 (mean value – EN 408)
  • Bending strength: 99.6 N/mm2 (characteristic value – EN408)
  • Biological durability: Class 1 (EN350 / CEN/TS 15083-2),simulated graveyard test;  Class 1 (EN350 / CEN/TS 15083-1)
  • Superficial preservatives and finish: comply with European biocide product regulation (BPR) and are not listed on the restrictions list of REACH Annex XVII/candidate list
  • Effectiveness against surface fungi: Class 0, Strong fungi static (EN ISO 846), treatment only superficial.
  • Use Class: Class 4 (EN335)
  • Environmental Product Declaration – EPD (EN 15804) (
  • Contribution LEED BD+C – v4: MR1, MR2, MR3 (FSC®), EQ2 v2009: MR6, MR7 (FSC®), IEQ 4.3, IEQ 4.4
  • Contribution BREEAM: MAT1, MAT3 (FSC®), MAT5
  • Warranty: 25 years
Watch an Installation in Action!

Both Bamboo X-Treme and N-Durance decking are relatively quick and simple to install.  See this handy 5 minute installation guide video (installation is the same for both decking types).

Plantation Bamboo X-treme decking was a product I really enjoyed working with, it was really easy to put down and it looks great!”

It's not just us that LOVE Bamboo!

What customers are saying about our bamboo decking...

"The product has been a joy to use. Result is straight clean lines and great finish. Would recommend this as the only decking to consider. Everyone from builders to friends have been impressed with the ease of install and the good looks of the finish."

+ Geoff, Tauranga

What our customers are saying in Google reviews...

Based on 145 reviews
Super easy to install with the quick clip fasteners - no need to drill holes or screw into the boards. Looks fantastic, 6 months since deck install and super happy with it. No splinters. Company easy to deal with and delivery no problem
We've ordered bamboo decking on 3 different projects at our home over the last 5 years. I couldn't speak more highly of Ingrid and this company! The product is beautiful, and the customer service is fantastic! I highly recommend!!!
We found this product whilst googling for an eco friendly bamboo product to use on our deck at our bach. We wanted easy installation, good coloring and hard wearing. I'm happy to say this product ticks all the boxes! Communication from the sales team was great and collection from the depot was straightforward. Highly recommend this product, A++
Fantastic Product - Efficient Team
Wonderful job done by Plantation Bamboo.The installer was awesome as was our agent.
These guys were amazing, it was a last minute decision to use their product and they worked hard with us to ensure we got the product and talked through the installation with our builder. It has created a fantastic finish to our newly installed heated pool in our holiday park.
We have just had coffee bamboo laid in our entrance hall, kitchen and living room. It replaced tiles (20 years old) from our entrance hall and kitchen and 20 year old carpet from our living room.Very pleased with the result, the communication and advise from Steve. Would recommend Bamboo Plantation.
It’s not the first time that I approached Plantation Bamboo for projects I designed. This month once again I find an excellent team that is ready to provide high quality products and provide solutions in real time and always quick to respond and help. Specifically I would like to mention Eveliene Grbich, Area Sales Manager, that went above and beyond to provide a wonderful experience. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
We have just completed our deck using Plantation Bamboo and cannot speak high enough about the Extreme decking. It was easy for our contractor to lay and looks amazing. Dealing with Steve and the plantation team has been simple and they have been there to answer any questions. Thanks Steve and we look forward to enjoying our new deck for many years to come.
Thanks to the Plantation Bamboo team for an amazing hassle free experience.Especially Ingrid, our South Island manager who promptly answered our questions, sorted our dimensions and made the whole exercise easy.Highly recommended product that looks fabulous on our 52sq m deck so easy to install. Love it!!
As a non-builder, the prospect of replacing our deck covering was a little daunting. After looking at a range of options, I opted for Bamboo X-treme decking and I doubt that I could have made a better choice. Josh at Plantation Bamboo was great to deal with being both helpful and responsive. The product was easy to work with and I completed the job reasonably quickly with my wife and son taking turns to help out. The completed deck looks and feels as good as I could have imagined.
Awesome product and great customer service. Wears extremely well in Southland conditions and weathers with a nice look. Easy to clean when marked.
One of our clients wanted to use Planation Bamboo as a sustainable choice for her pool deck. We had not used this product before and we were blown away by the quality and ease of installation. Not only that, but Ingrid and her team were easy to communicate with and super helpful. I also appreciated having the install videos and specifications on the website so they were easy to access. Would definitely recommend this product to other clients and use myself!
Awesome product according to the installer. Really well tooled. So happy with the result 😊Also have decking product being installed. Looks amazing.
Enjoying our newly laid bamboo flooring - eco-friendly & easy to install! Makes the space look modern, easy lifestyle and bigger. Our builder's laid flooring in the open plan living area and into the bedrooms, seamlessly. Always received professional and responsive customer service by email or phone. The samples we were sent helped to decide suitability & colour before placing an order.
Our Plantation Bamboo X-treme deck looks amazing, even better than the photos on the website. We have had so many great comments that I am sure we will have friends and family using the same decking. Our builder loved the product so much I think this will become his 'go to' recommendation. Steve and Kim provided such wonderful and friendly service, they even arranged rural delivery for us. I absolutely recommend Plantation Bamboo.
Short and sweet, this is a fantastic product. It's a high quality, durable, eco friendly product which is easy and fun to install. This was such a motivating and exciting project and the overall outcome was absolutely priceless. I would totally recommend this product to whoever is wanting a long lasting, high-quality, easy to install and looking to add a ton of value to your property. Steve and the team have been amazing to deal with and I'm looking forward to completing many more projects in future.
Great product.
With so many flooring choices we are absolutely delighted we choient for Vanilla Bamboo.We laid it throughout the house and have no regrets.Steve helped us through the sales process and any answered all the questions we had.Our builder who laid the floor was impressed with the quality which made laying simple.
Love the bamboo decking from Plantation Bamboo. Used it for the fence as well. Looks stunning. Really appreciated the help from Ingrid and Steve. It's still a work in progress!
Plantation Bamboo turned out to be the perfect flooring product for us. Solid, good looking and easy to install. They are a great company to deal with, excellent communication and very keen to help.
Product is exactly as advertised, goes down easily and looks great once completed. Highly recommend Plantation Bamboo.
We had a great experience with Plantation Bamboo. Steve Roughan was very helpful, from organising the material, getting it delivered and even suggesting installers who we used (West Construction). Due to the design and style of Plantation Bamboo, installation only took a day and it looks great!! Quick and easy through the whole process. Thanks heaps, really impressed.
Loving our new kitchen and living space new bamboo look. We decided to go all bamboo and really happy with the outcome. Great service from the initial conversations to follow ups and advice post install. Looks great and getting lots of positive comments from whanau and friends. Cheers to Steve and team.
Absolutely wonderful company and team! Their bamboo floors are stunning and durable and the customer service team is wonderful. Highly recommend them and their floors!
Having done several large decks in the past I was interested in how Plantation Bamboo products stack up against the, now, very expensive Kwila.In my experience it beats it hands down, effortlessly. Its beautifully straight, a major consideration as any zigzag in a board has to be cut out. It is a set length resulting in less cuts and less waste. It clips down invisibly, no predrilling, countersinking and space and alignment hassles. All this adds up to a beautiful product that is fast, easy and very economical. Do the figures on materials and labour and unless you cannot add you will go to Plantation Bamboo.And the finish is just stunning.The floating floor between our two decks is Plantation Bamboo, Natural colour.Again, a great quality product. Apply the technique prescribed for the product and it is fast and clean with a very high quality finish. Ours was laid over the "entry level" vinyl on concrete floor.Even visitors noticed how much softer and warmer it made the floor. For myself and my wife, no more frozen, aching feet and legs.I've got to add....this is about Plantation Bamboo. I wouldn't suggest the same results are achieved with other brands.A great product and great service. We are currently selling this property and will definitely be giving our next property the same treatment.
Genuinely couldn't recommend the product more to be perfectly honest. It's superfluous!
Great service
Our project had a Wish List which included that the deck had to be hard and durable; little or no nail/screw heads to destroy furniture; be able to take dark oil/stain and most of all look good past the week it was installed. Plantation Xtreme Bamboo decking ticked all those boxes plus some. The result exceeded expectations; it is a dense product with colour all the way through; comes with all the stainless fixings which are not seen and is very easy to install once you put the time into accurate sub structure measurements. Plantation were excellent to deal with, communication regarding delivery timeframe amazing and follow up exceptional. These people stand by their product and we would definitely use Plantation Bamboo again.
I've just laid 13 packs of bamboo flooring, coffee coloured.I must say the flooring looks terrific, easy to lay, fits together tightly and securely and the boards are great to work with, and lovely to walk on too.I'll use them again for sure.

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