Video Gallery

Welcome to the Plantation Bamboo Video Gallery. 

Introducing Plantation Bamboo – An informative overview video of our business, bamboo and what we do

Discover Bamboo Panels – Various photos of some beautiful bamboo joinery made from “vertical coffee” bamboo panels

Bamboo Flooring

Testimonial – a short video showing photos and quotes from a Whangarei customer, who installed the bamboo flooring himself in his business

Installation guide – a six-minute video explaining the tools to use, how to prepare the sub-floor, install the underlay and the bamboo flooring as well as some handy tips and tricks

Compressed bamboo flooring – a short product overview explaining the benefits of bamboo flooring and more

Walk Through – a short video “walk through” of a newly installed Compressed Bamboo floor in the colour “coffee”.

Bamboo X-Treme Decking

How to install Bamboo X-treme Decking – a 5 minute video giving some great tips on the simple installation process, as well as covering some of the benefits of this decking – with some nice decking imagery too.

Testimonial – a short video testimonial of how this customer found working with Bamboo X-treme decking and Plantation Bamboo.

Testimonial – a short video of photos and quotes from an Auckland region customer

Weathered vs oiled – a quick video demonstrating the difference between a weathered and oiled Bamboo X-treme deck. 

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