Bamboo X-treme Decking

Bamboo X-treme Decking

The next generation of sustainable decking

What makes it X-treme?

Plantation bamboo X-treme decking is an extremely strong, solid, high density bamboo decking plank made from compressed strand-woven bamboo.

A special, patented “thermo-density” heat treatment manufacturing process ensures that bamboo X-treme decking is suitable for the harsh New Zealand sun and environment.

It has been used for a wide range of large-scale decking projects around the world (see photos of some projects below).

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Superior quality and unmatched durability

Bamboo X-treme decking is exceptionally hard, dense and stable, and has been tested for durability (class 1 of EN350 standard – the best possible class available), ensuring maximum performance.

The stability of the product allows for tongue-in-groove end-matching of the decking boards, giving a high quality, snug finish, which is not possible with less stable decking products.

See below a range of photos from New Zealand and around the world showing various projects and the different look and age of bamboo x-treme decking. It all starts with the one, natural brown colour.

Fastest growing hardwood alternative

Bamboo X-treme decking is a truly ecological and durable alternative for increasingly scarce tropical hardwood and timber decking. Our supplier utilises a unique patented process to enhance the hardness, dimensional stability, fire safety and durability of the decking to a level superior to the best tropical hardwood species. This process removes all living micro organisms and sugar, preventing rot and mould.

Research proves that this process is the most effective method (and currently the only efficient solution) to ensure that bamboo is suitable for outdoor applications. No other bamboo decking available utilises this patented process and Plantation is the exclusive supplier of this product in New Zealand.

Bamboo X-treme decking is similar to other hardwoods in grain and structure. The characteristic bamboo nodes can however be recognised, giving the product a unique and appealing look.

New - 25 year warranty

Our dutch supplier and partner is so happy with the proven performance of Bamboo X-treme decking around the world (in all sorts of climatic conditions) that they have increased the product warranty from 10 to 25 years!  We all have great confidence in the stability, strength and longevity of Bamboo X-treme to provide such a long structural warranty. See  Warranty Bamboo X-treme decking

Learn all about Bamboo X-treme, from our Dutch supplier, MOSO Bamboo

What our customers are saying...

What a fantastic product, we absolutely love our new deck! Awesome people to deal with, I thoroughly recommend them and their product

before and after deck

The product has been a joy to use. Result is straight clean lines and great finish. Would recommend this as the only decking to consider. Everyone from builders to friends have been impressed with the ease of install and the good looks of the finish.

Large bamboo x-treme NZ deck

Bamboo X-Treme Decking Videos

Visit the video gallery for installation guides, product overviews and recent installation “walkthroughs”.

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Product Specifications and Instructions

Explore installation, sizing and general product info below.

Installation / Care Instructions for X-treme Decking >

The symmetrical shape of the outside surface offers the choice between either a ribbed or a flat surface (either side can be used). With correct joist set-up, bamboo X-treme decking can be quickly installed using the powder-coated stainless steel clip and screw fixings supplied (for “invisible” fixing – no unsightly nails or screws visible). This system saves up to 50% in time and cost of labour to install the decking boards.

Below is a photo of the main clip provided with the decking (plus 25mm stainless steel screw).  On the far right is the NEW edge/starter clip (also powder-coated stainless steel).  The edge/starter clips are sold separately in bags of 25 clips/screws – for $8.00+GST per bag.


  • Like any untreated hardwood species when exposed to outdoor conditions, bamboo X-treme will turn grey over time, creating a very natural look.
  • The bamboo decking planks are a brown to dark brown colour when installed, which turns into a lighter caramel colour several weeks after installation. Without further maintenance, the colour will gradually turn silver- grey over time (similar to most other wood species).
  • Surface weathering, due to climate conditions, will be more noticeable on the flat side of the decking, compared to the ribbed side.  However, bamboo X-treme will not warp, crack or shrink/expand to the extent that most other decking products tend to.
  • As it is a natural product, bamboo X-treme decking can vary in colour, grain and appearance. 

Planks measure 1850×137 x 20mm and are tongue-in-groove end matched for easy and attractive installation. Bamboo X-treme decking is sold in boxes of 5 planks, measuring 1.267sqm per box (weighing 31.7kg), and comes with powder-coated stainless-steel clips and screw fixings.

  • Density: +/- 1,150 kg/m3
  • Dimensional stability: length: + 0.1%; width + 0.9% (24 hours in water 20°C)
  • Resistance to Indentation – Brinell Hardness: ≥ 9.5 kg/mm2 (EN1534)
  • Reaction to fire: Class Bfl-s1(EN13501-1)
  • Flame Spread Index: Class A (ASTM E84)
  • Slip resistance: USRV 55 (Dry),USRV 29 (Wet),(CEN/TS 15676) / R 10 (CEN/TS 16165 Annex B – DIN 51130) (Dry)
  • Thermal emittance: 0.81 (ASTM C1371)* 
  • Solar Reflectance (SR): 32 (ASTM C1549)*
  • Solar Reflectance Index (SRI): Low 27, Medium 30, High 33 (ASTM E1980)*
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 13565 N/mm2 (mean value – EN 408)
  • Breaking strength: 54.4 N/mm2 (characteristic value – EN408)
  • Biological durability: Class 1 (EN350 / CEN/TS 15083-2),simulated graveyard test;  Class 1 (EN350 / CEN/TS 15083-1)
  • Effectiveness against Blue Stain: Class 0 (EN152)
  • Use Class: Class 4 (EN335)
  • CO2 neutral: LCA report TU Delft (ISO 14040/44) (
  • Environmental Product Declaration – EPD (EN 15804) (
  • FSC®: Products available with FSC® certification on request.
  • Contribution LEED BD+C – v4: MR1, MR2, MR3 (FSC®), EQ2 v2009: MR6, MR7 (FSC®), IEQ 4.3, IEQ 4.4
  • Contribution BREEAM: MAT1, MAT3 (FSC®), MAT5 (HD)
  • Warranty: 25 years

*Tested on 3 years weathered Bamboo X-treme decking®

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most popular questions asked about our Bamboo X-treme Decking. Still have a question? Contact Us > 


No, our bamboo x-treme decking only comes in one colour. However, since bamboo x-treme is a natural product, the colour will change over time, as the decking naturally weathers (like any timber will).

The boards are a brown to darkish brown colour when installed, which turns more to a caramel colour several weeks after installation, gradually changing to a silver-grey colour over time – and a lovely natural grain becomes more obvious.

If a darker (or different) colour is preferred, maintenance should be carried out with WOCA exterior oil (with preferred colour) or a comparable water-based oil/saturator with colour pigments – to bring the deck to a colour of your choice. This short video explains:

The “invisible” clip and screw fixings provided – makes it much quicker, easier and cheaper to install than most decking boards (as you don’t need to screw through the decking). 

The strength and size of boards (with tongue and groove end-matching) – means you can space the joists at 462mm and have less cutting and wastage (= less costly to install), as you only need to cut the board at the end of a row

Being bamboo, it’s an eco-friendly, sustainable decking option.

Bamboo X-treme decking is very hard, dense and stable – made to last.  Due to its stability, unsightly gaps are not likely to open up, nor will the boards warp or buckle.

The decking comes with a 25 year warranty!

One of the main advantages of bamboo x-treme decking is its stability. As the boards are made of thermally modified bamboo strips that are compressed under very high pressure, the material is extremely dense and stable. There is hardly any shrinkage, swelling or deformation – unlike most other decking options.

Bamboo x-treme decking often only requires 3-5% wastage as all boards are straight and uniform in size – some other timber decking options can require 10-30% wastage due to warps in boards, knots in the wood, not being straight, etc. 

Bamboo x-treme decking is pre-oiled (with a clear/non-pigmented WOCA oil) and comes with the stainless steel clip/screw fixings – these can add significant cost with other decking alternatives. 

A unique feature of this decking is the end-matching tongue-in-groove join – the boards snugly fit together at the ends (not feasible with most other decking as they move too much).  Due to the end-matching join , the boards can be laid lengthwise without any gaps. This results in an aesthetically appealing appearance, plus a reduction in cutting and wastage.

Bamboo x-treme decking will retain its beautiful, natural appearance for years and the deck will remain flat.

We haven’t received any feedback to say that our bamboo x-treme decking is slippery. As the decking naturally weathers, it tends to get less smooth on the surface.

Our Dutch supplier, MOSO Bamboo, has had the bamboo x-treme decking tested for slip-resistance – we can provide this report on request.

The decking is not particularly hot on the feet (compared to the likes of composite decking that tends to be quite “burny” on the feet) – and we have sold thousands of square metres of bamboo x-treme decking over the years all over New Zealand (with very little feedback on being hot).  

The decking will soon lighten in colour as it weathers to more of a silver-grey colour, which doesn’t attract the heat so much.


The overall cost of installing bamboo x-treme decking will rival most hardwood and composite deck options:

Due to the simple and fast installation you can save up to 50% savings in installation costs 

With the head side (end) tongue-in-groove join there is a lot less cutting and wastage compared to other timber decking options – as you normally only need to cut the board at the end of a row  

Every plank has been hand checked after production, therefore no loss due to defective material (with no knots or warping of the boards) 

The stainless steel clip/screw fixings are included 

Feedback from a customer:

“Just a short note to say we are delighted with the Bamboo x-treme decking.  Our builder found it went down really well, and fast.  With regards budgets, we noticed a saving of around $2-3K over the whole deck over other hardwoods we priced due to the speed it went down and the fact the fixings were included in the price. 

Chris – Red Beach (103sqm deck)

Our bamboo comes from fully renewable forests, where it is selectively harvested annually on a 5-6 year cycle (around 5 years to full maturity). Once cut, the culm will regrow from the base, just like any grass. Timber from trees can take from 30 -70 years or even more to reach full maturity.  Bamboo is therefore a rapidly renewable resource, in plentiful supply.

Bamboo also holds carbon dioxide in its root system. Research has shown that compared to trees and other plants, bamboo is much more efficient at dealing with atmospheric CO2 which is good news for climate change. 

There is more CO2 absorbed during bamboo’s growth, than what is given off during manufacture and transport, therefore the resulting products are negative CO2. 

Bamboo is considered a top environmental choice by architects, builders, homeowners alike.

More information on bamboo and sustainability here.

Some people have expressed concern that the natural habitat and food supply of Pandas will be harmed by bamboo product manufacture. There are well over 1000 species of bamboo, and the type used for our products, the giant Moso bamboo (Phyllostachus Pubescens), is very different to that sought by Pandas and the manufacture of our products has no negative impact on the Panda’s environment.

Our bamboo x-treme decking is made from the Moso bamboo species (Phyllostachus Pubescens) – which grows in China.  It is the backbone of the Chinese bamboo industry.

We source all of our bamboo products from MOSO Bamboo, a Dutch world-leader in bamboo innovation, who contract out the production of the decking to a leading factory in China – made to stringent specifications. MOSO have a large team of specialists in China carrying out Quality Assurance testing and production management.

Customers have made all sorts of things from spare boards of bamboo x-treme decking – like planter boxes, raised garden beds, fascia boards, balustrades, plinths, tables and benches – and more!  The boards cut and finish nicely.


Each board is 1850 x 137mm x 20mm (140mm wide with the gap the clips provide).. There are 5 boards = 1.267sqm per box (9.25LM).

No, due to the high density and hardness, the decking would not be able to be nailed down (the nails would bend!).

There are two installation options: – “invisible” fixing with clips/screws provided; or screw-down (pre-drilling and screwing).

The preferred and most common method for installing bamboo x-treme decking is with the supplied powder-coated stainless steel clips and screws. Installation is quick and easy with a clip being screwed on each joist and the decking boards firmly secured in place (with the end-matching tongue in groove join being secured over a joist).

See the installation and care instructions for further information.

With correct joist set-up (with 462mm centres), bamboo x-treme decking can be quickly installed using the powder-coated stainless steel clip and screw fixings supplied (no unsightly nails or screws visible). This system can save up to 50% in time and cost of labour to install the decking boards. 

Many builders (and DIY’ers) remark how quick it is to install if the joists are set up correctly.  Every board is consistent in length, width and “straightness” – so there are no knots, bowing, etc to work around.

No, we just have the one decking board and profile available in stock.  Many customers had made steps, fascia boards out of our bamboo x-treme decking planks, by cutting and “ripping” (cutting lengthwise with the grain) the decking boards. The boards cut cleanly with a sharp fine-toothed saw.  

The cut edge of the boards can be sanded/routed to a lovely smooth finish.

The clips and screw fixings are made of strong stainless steel – with the clips having an additional powder-coated protection layer – so are resistant to rusting near the beach and salt water.

We see this as largely a personal choice, depending on the look and feel you prefer.  If left to weather naturally, the decking will turn a silver-grey colour over time, with the lovely natural grain of bamboo fibres becoming more visible (and some people prefer this look).

For the optimum finish, it is recommended that bamboo x-treme decking is oiled with a high quality penetrating oil (like WOCA or Sikkens water-based oils – which come in a range of colours).  Oiling may be required every 3 years or so, depending on use, conditions etc.

See the installation and care instructions for further information. 

Our bamboo x-treme decking only comes in the one length – 1850mm long, and one width 137mm (140mm wide with the gap the clip provides).

When the surface underneath the decking is not fast drying, there should be at least 100mm distance between the decking and the surface underneath.

No. Most customers don’t tend to apply the end-grain sealing wax, but our supplier MOSO bamboo does recommend it being applied to the cut ends or edges. You can normally purchase end-grain sealing wax from large hardware stores like Mitre10 or Bunnings.


Yes, bamboo x-treme is a natural product, which can vary in colour, grain and appearance. The colour will change over time as the decking weathers (like any timber product will), depending on the maintenance schedule.

Some customers prefer the weathered look, where a natural bamboo grain is more obvious.  Others prefer to oil the decking to a colour of choice.

See the installation and care instructions for further information.

This short video explains:

Yes, bamboo x-treme decking is very hard, durable and stable, so it handles the extremes in our NZ climate extremely well. A key reason for this is due to the special “Thermo density” heat-treatment production process. This patented process is used to enhance the hardness, dimensional stability, fire safety and durability to a level superior to the best tropical hardwood species. During the heat-treatment process all living micro-organisms and sugars are removed preventing rot and mould being able to develop over time.

Generally, bamboo x-treme decking won’t warp, buckle or crack to the extent that most other timber decking tends to. Bamboo x-treme decking boards are very uniform in size and nature, due to the production process.

Over time, some cracks on the surface and on the end of the boards can arise from the different drying characteristics of the surface and cross-cut ends. This does not affect the stability or durability of the board. The surface of the boards will tend to get a little rougher over time and may form (small) splinters as a result of continuous water absorption and desorption due to dry and wet weather periods.

Dimensional change or cupping of the boards can occur after installation, but less so than most other decking products. These phenomena are normal for most hardwood species and Bamboo X-treme decking. 

Any rough patches or surface cracking can normally be easily smoothed off with a light sanding or brushing – this is best done prior to oiling the decking too.

Yes, bamboo x-treme decking is commonly used around swimming pool areas. 

As with any wooden product used outdoors, there is always a risk of formation of splinters. However, splinters from bamboo x-treme decking are normally smaller than (tropical) hard wood splinters. Any splintering can be sanded off for a smoother finish, if desired. A regular application of oil (more frequently around swimming pools) is recommended to reduce the formation of splinters.

Regular maintenance with a silicium carbide broom/disk or brushing/light sanding is suggested to effectively remove splinters and smoothen the surface.

The clips and screw fixings are made of strong stainless steel – with the clips having an additional powder-coated protection layer – so are resistant to rusting near the beach and salt water.

Provided the bamboo x-treme decking is well maintained and cleaned it will last a very long time.  This decking is well proven around the world (in all sorts of extreme environments) as a high quality decking product. Our supplier recently increased the warranty from 10 years to 25 years – as they have great confidence in the durability and lifespan of bamboo x-treme decking.

We see this as largely a personal choice, depending on the look and feel you prefer.  If left to weather naturally, the decking will turn a silver-grey colour over time, with the lovely natural grain of bamboo fibres becoming more visible (and some people prefer this look).

For the optimum finish, it is recommended that bamboo x-treme decking is oiled with a high quality penetrating oil (like WOCA or Sikkens water-based oils – which come in a range of colours).  Oiling may be required every 3 years or so, depending on use, conditions etc.

See the installation and care instructions for further information.

What our customers are saying...

Based on 129 reviews
Great product.
Marg Le Grys
With so many flooring choices we are absolutely delighted we choient for Vanilla Bamboo.We laid it throughout the house and have no regrets.Steve helped us through the sales process and any answered all the questions we had.Our builder who laid the floor was impressed with the quality which made laying simple.
Elsbeth Bloem
Love the bamboo decking from Plantation Bamboo. Used it for the fence as well. Looks stunning. Really appreciated the help from Ingrid and Steve. It's still a work in progress!
Sue Graham
Plantation Bamboo turned out to be the perfect flooring product for us. Solid, good looking and easy to install. They are a great company to deal with, excellent communication and very keen to help.
Mike Rose
Product is exactly as advertised, goes down easily and looks great once completed. Highly recommend Plantation Bamboo.
Jeremy Smith
We had a great experience with Plantation Bamboo. Steve Roughan was very helpful, from organising the material, getting it delivered and even suggesting installers who we used (West Construction). Due to the design and style of Plantation Bamboo, installation only took a day and it looks great!! Quick and easy through the whole process. Thanks heaps, really impressed.
Cam Shaw
Loving our new kitchen and living space new bamboo look. We decided to go all bamboo and really happy with the outcome. Great service from the initial conversations to follow ups and advice post install. Looks great and getting lots of positive comments from whanau and friends. Cheers to Steve and team.
Wiremu Wineera
Absolutely wonderful company and team! Their bamboo floors are stunning and durable and the customer service team is wonderful. Highly recommend them and their floors!
Having done several large decks in the past I was interested in how Plantation Bamboo products stack up against the, now, very expensive Kwila.In my experience it beats it hands down, effortlessly. Its beautifully straight, a major consideration as any zigzag in a board has to be cut out. It is a set length resulting in less cuts and less waste. It clips down invisibly, no predrilling, countersinking and space and alignment hassles. All this adds up to a beautiful product that is fast, easy and very economical. Do the figures on materials and labour and unless you cannot add you will go to Plantation Bamboo.And the finish is just stunning.The floating floor between our two decks is Plantation Bamboo, Natural colour.Again, a great quality product. Apply the technique prescribed for the product and it is fast and clean with a very high quality finish. Ours was laid over the "entry level" vinyl on concrete floor.Even visitors noticed how much softer and warmer it made the floor. For myself and my wife, no more frozen, aching feet and legs.I've got to add....this is about Plantation Bamboo. I wouldn't suggest the same results are achieved with other brands.A great product and great service. We are currently selling this property and will definitely be giving our next property the same treatment.
robin thomas
Genuinely couldn't recommend the product more to be perfectly honest. It's superfluous!
Great service
Rod Walker
Our project had a Wish List which included that the deck had to be hard and durable; little or no nail/screw heads to destroy furniture; be able to take dark oil/stain and most of all look good past the week it was installed. Plantation Xtreme Bamboo decking ticked all those boxes plus some. The result exceeded expectations; it is a dense product with colour all the way through; comes with all the stainless fixings which are not seen and is very easy to install once you put the time into accurate sub structure measurements. Plantation were excellent to deal with, communication regarding delivery timeframe amazing and follow up exceptional. These people stand by their product and we would definitely use Plantation Bamboo again.
I've just laid 13 packs of bamboo flooring, coffee coloured.I must say the flooring looks terrific, easy to lay, fits together tightly and securely and the boards are great to work with, and lovely to walk on too.I'll use them again for sure.
Ian Stewart
Josh from Plantation Bamboo was very helpful with knowledge of the product. Once ordered, the delivery was within days.The instructions were very clear and josh was there if needed. I constructed the timber work and ground work as per plan and everything went smoothly.The decking planks were cut to shape and length using a chop saw and everything looks great.As pictures below.
Steve Roughan has provided some really beautiful material in the bamboo panels. They have an excellent appearance and are easy to work with using standard power tools. I can cut accurately and without tear away provided I use a suitable saw blade. These are not the cheapest panels, but are far and away the best quality material I have worked with. Also the on line interaction and communication has been exceptional.
Jonathan Morton
"A very nice product. Easy to lay and looks great. We particularly like the decking with no screws showing and nice clean line finish. The interior flooring is lovely to walk on after having had a concrete floor. Much warmer and no aching feet and legs.A happy customer. Thank you"
Dianne Thomas
Alumine Andrew
“Lads VERY happy with the product, ‘will never do a deck any other way now’! That’s coming from both a builder and a boat builder! Cannot believe there is NO waste either. Exceptional product!”
Rochelle Kerr
Stoked with the amazing service from Ingrid and the quality of Plantation Bamboo. We receive so many compliments on our deck and would absolutely recommend to anyone considering using the Plantation Bamboo products.
Hayley Wilson
We are really pleased that we decided on using Plantation Bamboo as our decking choice for outside our sauna. Instructions for the base construction were easy to follow, and with the decking lengths being a standard size it was easy to assemble. Looks great, we will be using it again for sure.
Hamish Taylor
Very helpful team at Plantation Bamboo and I’m pleased with the Bamboo X-treme decking. Product gives a nice, tidy finish and I’m happy to let it naturally silver off and not have to ever stain it.
Rick Grantham
We chose bamboo flooring because we wanted real wood on our floors, not a thin imitation, and we wanted the most sustainable option we could find. Our research made it clear that Plantation Bamboo met our requirements and we haven't been disappointed, either in the product or in the careful, personal service we have received from Josh.
Robin List
Love this decking product. Looks great and so easy to care for. Steve has been great to deal with, helping us with deciding how much we needed and providing us with various care and staining options. Steve's communications were always quick and helpful. Very highly recommend this product and Steve as the supplier.
Fantastic company to deal with & Josh went above and beyond to make our experience a positive one. I highly recommend the product & the company to deal with.
Bret Burrows
Tina Firkin
Beautiful bamboo wood benchtops installation was a breeze for my builder, and you choose how dark or light the stain is, a very economical alternative. Under a thousand for all of my u shaped benchtops, I highly recommend the plantation bamboo. Am definitely saving up to have bamboo floors installed as well.
Ramari Kereama
Super helpful and friendly service, easy ordering. The bamboo flooring is great! High quality and easy to install, and seems to be super durable so far.
Grant Bowyer
We were after sustainably sourced bamboo panels for use in our office and Eveliene at Plantation Bamboo sorted us out! Great service, with good advice on what product would suit our purposes. Very nice panels!
Great quick response from the team at plantation bamboo.Good communication during ordering and and receiving product.Great product to work with and very system quick clip system making deck building quick.Had some positive feedback from builder friends on the quality of the product and the look of it after its been laid.I will be using this product again.Thanks Plantation Bamboo 👍
Brent Goodsir
Steve addressed all communication punctually and was willing to assist with confirming the square meterage I required using my draft measurements. The amount of bamboo used worked brilliantly. The delivery of both pallets and accessories was as outlined so my builder could start on time. My builder also commented on how impressed he was with the installation system. All round the deck looks great. I love it.
Deb Dickinson

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