Bamboo Benchtops, Counter Tops and Vanities

A durable and sustainable bamboo benchtop or vanity can be made from bamboo panels – with a beautiful, natural look that will last for years.

Bamboo panels, a sustainable option

Have your new bamboo benchtop, counter top or bathroom vanity unit made from the range of bamboo panels we have in stock – all solid bamboo ply.  Made from bamboo – the fastest growing plant in the world!

As New Zealand’s only specialist bamboo importer, we can offer our range of bamboo panels direct to customers nationwide.

Bamboo kitchen joinery in New Zealand

Hard and durable bamboo benchtop

The benchtop (or counter top) is where all the work is done in the kitchen. Therefore, the material used needs to be hard and durable – some of the reasons why bamboo is loved for benchtops or counter tops in kitchens and offices. Plantation bamboo panels offer several possibilities to create a beautiful, functional benchtop to fit in with almost any kitchen design

Bamboo benchtop in the kitchen

When choosing a benchtop in the kitchen or laundry, the appearance, technical characteristics and price play an important role. Bamboo – the natural, fast-growing alternative to all kinds of other materials, scores particularly well when a natural look and a hard material are desired. A Plantation Bamboo panel, especially in the versions with a compressed bamboo outer layer, is very hard and a popular choice as a benchtop (vertical bamboo panels are very popular too). As with wood, you can determine the appearance with the finish of your choice. For a long life span in the kitchen, a benchtop should be finished with a suitable waterproof oil, lacquer or polyurethane, etc.

bamboo ply panels - kitchen benchtop

Bamboo offers several benefits

In comparison with other materials for kitchens:

CO2 neutral bamboo

CO2 Neutral

bamboo is durable

Hard & Durable

High Stability

Multiple Solutions


NZ Bamboo kitchen

The advantages of Bamboo

Benchtops and vanities made from Plantation Bamboo ply panels offer many benefits over other materials:

  • A beautiful, natural look – that provides great value-for-money
  • A strong, wear-resistant and hard material that lasts for years and years
  • The low emissions contribute to a healthy indoor climate
  • CO2 neutral Plantation Bamboo products contribute to sustainable building and a lower ecological footprint

Bamboo benchtops and cabinetry – so many options!

Bamboo panels are available in a range of thicknesses, two colours (natural and coffee) and two types (vertical and compressed) – providing some great options for benchtops, cabinetry and other internal joinery options. Compared to timber, bamboo ply panels are very stable and provide a hard, natural look and finish. The multi-layer ply construction gives strength and stability and also provides a unique edge-grain effect.

bamboo ply panels - kitchen bamboo joinery
bamboo ply table

Bamboo counter top in the office

A natural look brings warmth and liveliness to any office. There are many options to create a natural, sustainable worktop or counter top surface utilising the range of bamboo panels available. There are endless possibilities to fit in with the office design, as bamboo panels can be cut, coloured, etched, routered and finished to fit with almost any fitout.

Because the bamboo panels are made of natural material, no two counter tops are the same, but they are always of high quality and provide great value for money.

Bamboo bathroom vanities

The creativity of the designer, combined with the special properties of bamboo, enables bamboo vanity units to be made into statement pieces of furniture. Plantation bamboo panels provide a perfect base material for any capable DIY’er or carpenter to transform the bamboo ply panel into a stunning bamboo vanity. The wide range of finishing options available will complete a beautiful vanity item – providing it is protected from moisture and water penetration

Bamboo panels used as bathroom vanity
bamboo ply panels - shelving

Natural materials help performance

People perform better and feel more comfortable in a natural environment. By adding bamboo shelving or joinery to the home or office, a natural atmosphere can be quickly added to a basically decorated room. In combination with bamboo wall coverings or flooring, or with steel or glass, the natural effect can be enhanced.


Find out why our customers have loved using Plantation Bamboo products in their kitchen.


"The bamboo is uniform, strong and a joy to work with"

bamboo shelving and benchtop

We looove working with your beautiful bamboo panels… we are super keen to find someone we can build a whole bamboo kitchen for.

Bamboo forest image

Extremely hard and durable

Moso bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The bamboo stems grow from an underground root system and after 5 years a stem can be harvested, while the others continue to grow. This means the bamboo can be used without destroying the forest. After harvesting, the Moso bamboo stems are split and the outer skin is removed. The strips naturally have a light yellow colour (natural), but can be steamed for a light brown colour (coffee). After treating and drying, the strips are ready to be joined in several ways to make the final product. After production and finishing, the bamboo panel or floor is stronger and harder than almost any other wood.

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