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Best Wooden Flooring in NZ

Beautiful, Natural Bamboo

If you’re looking for high quality timber wood flooring or hardwood flooring then you should really consider the key benefits of a beautiful, natural bamboo flooring option – as bamboo truly is a natural “wonder product” and a perfect wooden flooring option for your interiors and exteriors.

Bamboo Wooden Flooring is an Excellent Alternative to Timber, Here’s Why So!

Key Benefits of Bamboo Flooring:

  • Natural and sustainable –Unlike any other tropical wooden flooring options, bamboo, as the fastest growing plant in the world, is sustainably forested and harvested. The abundant and sustainable nature of bamboo makes it an eco-friendly hardwood flooring option – with a negative CO2 impact on the environment. Save the tropical rainforests and choose bamboo as your hardwood timber flooring alternative!

  • Looks similar to timber but lower in cost You get a timber-like quality and finish with the bamboo flooring for around half the price of an Oak timber flooring – Great value for money!

  • Hard and durable – Solid compressed bamboo hardwood flooring is extremely hard (twice as hard as Oak timber flooring), so it handles family life and pets very well. Its scratch resistant properties make bamboo a great choice for a family home and it’s so easy to keep clean (a damp microfiber mop is perfect
  • Simple installation –Many DIY’ers can quickly install bamboo hardwood flooring as it has a sturdy click-locking joining system on all four edges. We have provided easy installation instructions and a video guide to help too.

  • A healthy option Bamboo wooden flooring is hypoallergenic, so you never have to worry about dust mites, pollen and nasty allergens being trapped in your floors. 

  • Made especially for NZ conditions – Plantation bamboo flooring is made specifically for our NZ climate, with the appropriate moisture content – so it won’t shrink and swell excessively (providing it is installed correctly).

  • Can be sanded and refinished – much like timber or wooden flooring, our compressed bamboo flooring can be sanded back when required (in 20 years or so) and re-finished like new again.

  • Worldleading qualityGet in touch with us or request the best wooden flooring in NZ or visit the nearest stands in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington & Tauranga.

Reasons to Trust Us for Hardwood Flooring in NZ

  • Wholesale prices – You can buy our quality range of bamboo flooring direct from the importer – at wholesale pricing, for delivery all over NZ. Contact us for pricing details.
  • Free Samples Available – We don’t have retail showrooms so offer to send samples of our bamboo flooring to customers across NZ to show the quality of the product and colours available.
  • No Finishing Required! – An advantage over most hardwood, timber and wooden flooring products is that bamboo flooring is supplied pre-finished, so it can be walked on straight away without the need to lacquer or oil it. Done
  • Service Nationwide – Our bamboo products are sent from warehouses in Auckland and Christchurch anywhere in NZ.
  • Expert and Friendly Service – We’re passionate about bamboo and helping customers. Try our hardwood flooring alternatives and see the plantation difference first hand!
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