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If you’re looking for laminate flooring then you should really consider the key benefits of a beautiful, natural bamboo flooring option.

Bamboo is natural and sustainable – unlike laminate flooring, bamboo is a natural material and the fastest growing plant in the world! The abundant and sustainable nature of bamboo makes it an eco-friendly option – with a negative CO2 impact on the environment.

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Affordable and quality Laminate Flooring alternatives from the importer and supplier throughout New Zealand!

Bamboo is truly a natural “wonder product”. Some key benefits include:

  • Looks similar to timber but lower in cost – you get a timber-like quality and finish with bamboo flooring for around half the price of an Oak timber floor – great value for money!

  • Hard and durable – solid compressed bamboo flooring is extremely hard, so it handles family life and pets very well. Its scratch resistant properties makes bamboo a great choice for family home and it’s so easy to keep clean (a damp micro-fiber mop is perfect).

  • Simple installation – many DIY’ers can quickly install bamboo flooring as it has a sturdy click-locking joining system on all four edges. We have good installation instructions and a video guide to help too.

  • A healthy option – bamboo flooring is hypoallergenic, so you never have to worry about dust mites, pollen and nasty allergens being trapped in your floors.

  • Made especially for NZ conditions – Plantation bamboo flooring is made specifically for our NZ climate, with the appropriate moisture content – so it won’t shrink and swell excessively (providing it is installed correctly).

  • Can be sanded and refinished – unlike laminate flooring, our compressed bamboo flooring can be sanded back when required (in 20 years or so) and re-finished like new again.
  • Worldleading quality – supplied locally.

  • Wholesale prices – you can buy our quality range of bamboo flooring direct from the importer – at wholesale pricing, for delivery all over NZ. Contact us for pricing details.

  • Free samples available – we don’t have retail showrooms so offer to send samples of our bamboo flooring to customers across NZ to show the quality of the product and colours available.

  • Service nationwide – our bamboo products are sent from warehouses in Auckland and Christchurch anywhere in NZ.

  • Expert and friendly service – we’re passionate about bamboo and helping customers. Try us and see the Plantation difference first hand!
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