Really impressed with Bamboo X-treme Decking!

timber decking - bamboo x-treme decking

A Red Beach customer reviewed numerous decking options for his new home, before deciding to have 100sqm of plantation bamboo x-treme decking installed.  He was so impressed that he sent an uninitiated email to us, saying:

“This is just a short note to say we are delighted with the Bamboo x-treme decking. Our builder was also happy to work with it and, even though he had to ensure he was working with sharp tools he found it went down really well, and fast. With regards budgets - we noticed a saving of around $2-3K over the whole deck over other hardwood options we priced, due to the speed it went down and the fact the clip/screw fixings were included in the price”.
timber decking - bamboo x-treme decking poolside
Red Beach

Chris also mentioned how he liked the natural grain and colouring of the bamboo x-treme decking as it weathered and aged. 

Some customers like to leave their bamboo x-treme decking to naturally “weather”, which will gradually fade to a caramel colour before turning more silver-grey in colour.  Others prefer to oil the decking to bring back a richer, darker colour again – but this is largely a personal choice.

A key feature of bamboo x-treme decking is the end-matching tongue-in-groove join, which provides a nice, tidy and snug join.  You can’t achieve this with most other decking products as they shrink or swell too much.  Bamboo x-treme is very dense and stable, so joins like this (or mitering corners etc), edging and steps can look very sharp. 

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