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The next generation in sustainable decking

Bamboo x-treme decking is a great, eco-friendly alternative to timber decking or composite decking materials. The solid and very strong bamboo decking boards are made from compressed, thermally treated bamboo strips. The extreme stability of the material ensures a very durable deck, with the natural appearance of hardwood timber decking.

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bamboo x-treme decking

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Stable and durable composite timber decking alternatives with a 25 year warranty!

After more than 10 years successfully producing and selling this thermally treated bamboo x-treme decking, our Dutch supplier takes the product to the next level by extending the warranty to 25 years. With all the international certifications in place and with more than 3 million m3 of decking installed around the world, in all types of climates and environments, the product is proven as a quality decking material that is more stable and harder than most decking timber or composite options!

Beautiful and sustainable decking solution

The bamboo x-treme decking boards have many characteristics similar to tropical hardwood decking. However, boards are made from the fast growing and rapidly renewable Moso bamboo species (grows up to 1 meter a day!), which doesn’t result in deforestation – as the bamboo plant does not die when the stems are harvested. Like any hardwood or timber decking products, when exposed to the weather, bamboo x-treme decking will turn grey/silver over time. A beautiful, natural look will appear that is similar to weathered timber decking – but this can easily be oiled to return a rich, darker/coloured look If desired.

Install decking quickly and economically

Installing the decking is quick and easy using the powder-coated stainless steel clips and screws provided. If the joist set-up is spaced at 462mm then the decking boards can be end-matched over a joist with the snug tongue-and-groove end join (ensuring no gaps), which is not possible with less stable timber, composite or hardwood decking products. There will be less cutting and wastage too – reducing the installation costs by up to 50%.

Top quality Decking Timber Importer and Supplier throughout New Zealand

You can buy this high quality and sustainable alternative to hardwood and timber decking with confidence direct from the importer, delivered to your door, all over New Zealand. Plantation Bamboo have been NZ’s specialist bamboo supplier for over 11 years and is known for great customer service, expertise and quality products.

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