A classy bow – made from bamboo flooring!

A customer recently sent us some photos of a project he’s just completed – a hand-made bow.

Zac, from Hamilton spent around 100 hours carefully crafting the limbs of his bow from Plantation compressed bamboo flooring. The limbs are constructed with three 1.5-3mm thick laminations of the 14mm thick bamboo flooring, that he carefully milled down to size.

Zac said “the compressed bamboo layers form the core of the limb, giving the flex and spring needed for the bow to shoot. The limbs are finished with 2mm thick fiberglass lengths on each side. The fiberglass provides the some of the power (or poundage of the bow)”. 

Zac said he had to make plenty of fine adjustments to get the bow shooting correctly.

The handle of the bow (called the riser) is made of Tasmanian Blackwood, sourced from NZ.

Products like these just show that you can make almost anything with bamboo!


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